The QSS Library in Adwa


A view from outside

The QSS library in Adua was built exclusively by the contributions from the international Queen Sheba Alumni and the Queen Sheba Alumni within Ethiopia. It cost more than 10 million birr for its construction. The initiative is expected to pay off by improving the quality of education in the schools within Adua and the environs. It is too early to evaluate the impact yet because the Library was opened a year ago. But it is possible to probe into outputs and intermediate outcomes.  In another page, it is reported that QSS managed to enroll 65% of its preparatory students to university. This is lower than the 100% enrolment from Kidana Mihret School, Adua and much better than Atse Yohannes IV (Mekelle) which woefully enrolled only 12%, a record low perhaps. This is not to celebrate an achievement by QSS, but to remind all students, teachers and Alumni members that more is needed to regain the status of one of the best schools in Ethiopia that QSS was.

An increased use of the library

Alumni members from Addis Ababa visited the school last year and they talked to the director of the school and the librarians. One of them, Fitsum Birhan a member of QSS international now resident and working in Addis Ababa, found out that the library was closed during the weekends. On the spot Fitsum volunteered to pay out of pocket the per diem for the librarians over the weekend. The result was an increased use of the Library. The Alumni would like to thank Fitsumbirhan Gebremedhin and call on others to do the same if and when they can.


The original idea of QSS Alumni was a multipurpose library including a digital library. The Alumni in Addis Ababa, the head quarters of the association, had tried hard to install an internet broad band connectivity. The QSS international also sent hundreds of books. Further, based on the requests of the teachers, books worth Birr 275, 000 were purchased and stocked in the library. And yet, the library is not stocked and equipped as was originally thought. More effort is needed to have state of the art library for Queen Sheba School in Adua.