1. The Queen Sheba School Alumni’s Profile

Building on the previous strategic plan and after consultation with various key stakeholders and informants, the profile of the Alumni was defined with a vision, mission and strategic objectives and are stated below. 

1.1. Vision

The QSS Alumni envisages to making Queen Sheba School a center of excellence and among the best performing schools in Ethiopia

1.2. Mission

To fulfill its vision the missions of the alumni include:

  • Working together to help change the current trend of decline in quality education.
  • To the extent possible support the government’s efforts to improve the standard and quality of education and learning in Adwa and environs, and 
  • Undertake interventions that can contribute to improve the learning-teaching and also where and when possible, address related underlying factors bringing transformational change among students, teachers and the community, making the school a center of excellence.

1.3. Objectives of the QSS Alumni

  • To mobilize funds and other resources, including technical support for Queen Sheba School, other schools and related community development efforts within the vicinity,
  • To develop generational linkages based on knowledge and experience transfer and exchange, strengthening relationship and harmony among the former, current and future students 
  • To strengthen coordination among stakeholders, including alumni members, supporters and relevant educational and research establishments and institutions and others
  • To institute a spirit of competition for improved performance and achievement among the schools in the vicinity of Adwa town 
  • To carry out research and organize events and capacity building activities for dialogue and to enrich learning and knowledge, including related socio- economic issues, and
  • To undertake selected evidence based and result oriented interventions to enable the alumni achieve its mission and objectives. 

1.4. Mandate Analysis

The Queen Sheba School Alumni was registered in November 2000 had its bylaws revised and renewed the registration under the new civil society agency on February 15, 2010. It has continued to be operational since. The new bylaw, has 25 articles and  ensures the legal standing of the Alumni increasing as it does the credibility of the association The bylaw served and guided the Alumni so far.  However, it was also realized that there are gaps that should be reviewed and refined over time.  Some of the key gaps indentified include:

  • Existence of overlapping roles among the different actors working for the school’s improvement, may require defining scopes and responsibilities clearly, and
  • Inadequacy and lack of clarity of definitions, and also designation and structuring of the sub-committees, the board and the executive members, including on voices and election procedures among others.

1.5. Values 

  • Believes in community participation and ownership
  • Based on voluntarism, members will contribute their time, funds and knowledge for the development of the school and the community
  • Fund raising from any available source to build community wealth and welfare 
  • Committed to the vision and mission of the alumni and the improvement of the school
  • Act with conviction on the importance of quality human capital formation for sustainable development
  • Be exemplary working in unity, collaboration and tolerance
  • Follow legal and transparent mechanisms
  • Working for change and achievement
  • Committed to equality (gender, religion, etc.), equity and development of the next generation, and
  • Operate on cost effective, targeted and result oriented interventions. 

1.6. Guiding Principles

  • The alumni is committed to assist in solving problems faced by Queen Sheba School in a transparent manner following the required local regulations.
  • QSS alumni will give priority to interventions that are cost effective, of high impact and for sustainable solutions.   
  • It will work with government bodies and relevant partners and stakeholders in harmony and collaboration.
  • The alumni strongly believes that lasting and sustainable solutions to the problems of the school and the community can be achieved when all stakeholders and partners at all levels work jointly, strategically and systematically.
  • It recognizes existence of gender inequality and is committed for equality and female empowerment.
  • All its operation will have socio-economic, perspective, with consideration to addressing issues of vulnerable children, adolescent and youth.
  • The community’s full participation is critical and the community should lead and take ownership of all activities carried by the Alumni. 

The Alumni recognizes that problems and challenges facing the school and the surrounding community can be tackled.  The Alumni will give priority to the most urgent, critical and result oriented issues, using a phase by phase approach. As the Alumni is from Queen Sheba School, its priority attention is to Queen Sheba School while giving due attention to all Schools in Adwa town.